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5 Advantages Of Hiring a Tutor in France

5 Advantages Of Hiring a Tutor in France

Tutoring is often stereotyped negatively: it is expensive, it doesn’t help anyway, it is time-consuming and much more. The true advantages and the positive influence on students are quickly forgotten.

Of course, hiring a tutor is a decision that should be made carefully. To help you do this with a clear conscience, we at Good Tutors Finder are happy to explain the whole process in more detail.

Is your child falling behind in class or bringing home poor grades?  Maybe your child can’t handle the homework load or is losing interest in school, these are clear signs that external help is needed. However, tutoring can be offered as a preventative measure before these symptoms even appear, as almost every student can benefit from it.

Here are 5 possible benefits of tutoring.

1. Tutors work at an individually set pace.

One of the biggest benefits of a tutor is that they work at the pace that is right for the students. Often, lessons that take place in the classroom are hectic and over too quickly for all students to keep up with the material. A tutor can pace the class individually, and students can ask as many questions as they need without feeling pressured.

2. Tutors provide personal attention.

Many classes consist of 25-30 students, which can make it difficult to impossible for teachers to provide individual attention all the time.  This often leads to students feeling neglected, especially when they need extra help.  A tutor is a teacher, just one who doesn’t have to worry about all the other kids in the class. She is always available to answer questions and will go over the topics as many times as it takes for your child to fully understand the curriculum. In addition, the tutors also get to know your child’s individual learning style and adjust their teaching methods accordingly.

3. They teach more than just the curriculum.

In the classroom, children are often taught only what is on the curriculum.  A great advantage of tutoring is that there are no lesson plans and tutors are able to teach anything that will help your child better understand the curriculum. This can include learning techniques, time management, organization, and prioritization. Tutors can also help children overcome barriers to learning, such as math formulas, comprehension, and language barriers.

4. Tutoring is flexible and convenient.

Tutoring is ideal if you have a busy schedule. You can decide how many sessions you want for your child and change it as needed.  For example, if your child normally has one weekly session but needs help preparing for an exam, you can increase the number of sessions at your discretion. It is also convenient to have tutoring sessions at your home or online. At Good Tutors Finder, you can find qualified tutors throughout France, including: Paris, Strasbourg, Nice, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille, Rouen, and many more.

5. A tutor can help your child have goals.

 When children are in school, there is often not as much emphasis on goal setting as there should be. A tutor can change that, as their priority is to help your child set goals and, more importantly, help them achieve them.

Why Good Tutors Finder is just right for you?

Good Tutors Finder offers quality tutors at home or online tuition classes that fits your schedule and budget. Our tutors provide students with a personalized program, including IB Diploma, IGCSE, AP, and Gymi curriculum, in subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Physics, German, French, English, and more, tailored to their abilities, learning style, and personality. 

Are you ready to get started?  Good Tutors Finder will design an individualized tutoring plan based on your child’s learning ability. All of our tutors are hand-picked and experienced in teaching children of all ages. 

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