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Qualities that all amazing tutors have

Here are the qualities amazing tutors have

Educators in general are among the most selfless people we know. They work hard to impart knowledge to others, for which we believe they deserve recognition. As in any profession, there are certain qualities that make tutors more successful, and if tutors are successful, so are their students. Here are six special qualities that we believe distinguish good tutors from very good ones.

They have the right motives

Most tutors do not go into this field of work to make the big money, but it is still important to know what motivates a tutor. Are they just trying to make some money on the side? Do they give tutoring to have something on their CV? These are valid reasons to choose tutoring, but since students benefit greatly from working with the same tutor over a longer period of time, the most influential tutors are those who focus on tutoring as a career – not as a stepping stone to something else. These are the tutors who are dedicated to and motivated by the students’ progress and who are invested in their long-term success. At Good Tutors Finder there are many different tutors specializing in different subjects, but they are all certified and can bring out the best in students over a period of time.

They listen

Good tutors don’t just take on students’ problems. They know that academic difficulties are sometimes just symptoms of a deeper issue and try to find the causes. Instead of focusing on superficial difficulties, they try to really understand the students’ needs and listen to them. For example, if a student suffers in a particular subject because he or she is too shy and insecure to participate in class, a tutor can go beyond subject specific teaching and help the student build the skills and confidence needed to succeed in the long run. Active listening is a critical skill for effective tutoring.

They take the initiative

Really great tutors do not rest on their laurels. Even though they have been giving tutoring for a long time and even though they have had great success with students in the past, they are proactive when it comes to learning how to improve. This may mean taking action to take a particular student to the next level – for example, by contacting teachers or family members who may have insights that can help a student overcome a hurdle – or by seeking personal and professional development opportunities to research, learn and try new teaching methods and tools.

They take care of their students

The statistics on tutoring are clear – the results of the students are directly linked to the quality and longevity of the personal relationship with a tutor. Much of the learning is based on relationships, from communication styles to understanding a student’s background and academic, social and emotional development, which can only come with time. Great tutors devote themselves to their students, and do so on a long-term basis. They are committed to their clients for more than just a semester or a school year and invest a lot in the success of their students.

They tell the truth

Honesty is the best policy, in life and in tutoring. Tutors quickly get the feeling that they are expected to know everything, but acknowledging a knowledge gap is crucial to build trust and give students the support they really need. It is okay for tutors to return to their desks and do research if they have no expertise in a particular area or are unsure how best to address a particular need. It is even okay to refer a client to someone who is better qualified in a particular area. Part of being committed to the well-being of students is to recognize limitations and be honest about what can and cannot be done. Really understanding – and not just giving the appearance of understanding – is a hallmark of a good tutor.

They teach the human being as a whole

Even if a student comes to a tutor with a need in a particular subject, excellent tutors help him or her to build and refine a much broader set of instruments. In addition to providing subject-specific instruction, good tutors also help students develop other skills. They work on things like time management, organization and ways to prepare for class. This prepares students for success in more than one subject – which means that they are better able to cope with the stresses and strains of all their schoolwork and life in general.

In short, what distinguishes a great tutor is his commitment to being the best tutor he can offer his students – he needs to truly understand their needs, equip them to perform in all areas, guide them through the time and take them one step further in their own professional development. Ultimately, the measure of a tutor’s success is the success of his students, and these qualities help them to stand out from the rest.

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