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Why More Students Choose Online Lessons

Why More Students Choose Online Lessons

More time online? Are you kidding me?

With so many adults and children working and learning from home, you might think that the last thing you need in your family’s life is to add more screen time. But did you know that online tutoring is not just different from online school, it actually offers some incredible benefits and opportunities you will be happily surprised to see? Read below to find out the reasons why more students choose online lessons that you might not have known.

More Students Choose Online Lessons due to the following reasons:

1: Online Tutoring Provides Necessary Motivation in this new Learning Environment

We’ve all heard about how the pandemic has created new challenges for our kids, whether they’re in elementary or secondary. Educational research shows that when participating in distance learning, kids need much more extrinsic motivation.

Online tutoring is a great option for encouraging and celebrating kids’ learning. Online tutors can provide instant feedback and help students work through their challenges, then celebrate their problem solving and achievements!

2: You Can Build Strong Connections in Online Tutoring

Online tutoring provides connection. Educational research states again and again that the #1 factor for success at school is that students need a caring adult in their learning environment. Oftentimes, that caring adult is your child’s teacher. But a tutor can provide consistency throughout semesters and learning years, and the connection is one-on-one. Teachers on Call uses the Zoom platform which, thanks to the Pandemic, now we all know is a great platform to engage with people (even the talk show hosts are using it with their guests!). Tutoring with Zoom allows students not only to see their tutor, but also to share their homework on their screen, and to try out new learning apps. And having a regular interaction with a caring adult in a safe learning environment is a great way to feel connected and supported.

3: Online Tutoring Works for Those Who Struggle and Those Who Thrive in School

Tutoring isn’t just for students who struggle. Sometimes learners have a unique learning style- visual, kinesthetic or oral. Those are styles that can thrive in a one-to-one learning experience like online tutoring. Because of the access to so many online learning tools, tutors can personalize learning and help students to find their learning passion. So, if they want to work ahead in a subject that they may one day pursue outside of school, or simply delve deeper into a subject they are curious about, online tutoring provides limitless possibilities for inquiry and experimentation. This is especially true because Teachers on Call tutors are all trained teachers with vast subject expertise.

4: Online Tutoring Increases Confidence

Online tutoring can help students increase their confidence when they need it most. Sometimes what we see as a learning struggle is really an issue of confidence. This is especially prevalent with subjects like math or literacy where society, parents and schools have high expectations. Having a connection with an online tutor who can encourage the student, as well as explain how struggles/problems can be seen from a different angle, are fantastic strategies for these subjects. With online tutoring it’s also easy to save lesson notes and progress so tutors can show students directly how they are progressing. Confidence leads to bravery and enjoyment of learning, and therefore students will inevitably have a more positive attitude not just to the subject but also to their whole school experience. Who doesn’t want that for their kids!

5: Online Tutoring Can Be Interactive and Engaging” it doesn’t have to feel like “More School”

Many parents feel hesitant to make an investment in online tutoring because of the perception that the online learning experience is too limited. But with the Pandemic, access to advanced online learning expertise and tools has flourished, we can assure you that online tutoring is incredibly interactive, hands on and engaging! Students can collaborate on an online whiteboard with their tutor. They can work with moveable math manipulatives that can help them learn everything from skip counting to fractions! They can edit an essay with their online English tutor in real time, and the tutor can leave comments on the document for the student to return to later. The tutor and student can play interactive learning games that make concept attainment fun. The possibilities are endless, and the results, according to our students, parents, and tutors, have been tremendous!

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