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Teachers vs tutors – what’s the difference?

Teachers vs tutors - what's the difference?

Although they may sound similar, teaching and tutoring have some basic differences that you may have not been aware of. 

In general, teachers are required to have professional licensure and qualifications. Tutors, however, are not required to have these specified qualifications in the subjects they are teaching. Frequently teachers may engage in private tutoring outside of their normal working hours to supplement their income. This can make them both teacher and tutor at the same time.

Let me point some basic differences between teaching and tutoring: 

First, teachers generally have a large set of students at the same time; there is no time for an individual approach. However, tutors may focus on one particular student.

Teachers need to follow standardized education programs within set time limits in order for students to reach required competencies. In contrast, tutors provide one-on-one lessons and may focus on an individual student’s learning style.

Teachers usually follow a one size fits all approach to classroom learning. A tutor may be more flexible and choose a method of teaching that adapts to an individual student’s needs.

Very often teachers need to provide additional learning material for students as there is not enough time during the lesson. Find a tutor who will provide individual support when it is required and may reinforce what has been done in the classroom.

In addition, a tutor can help students improve their study skills and strategies. 

An expensive licensed teacher does not necessarily equate to quality lessons. A good tutor may complement classroom learning for individual students. Tutors without formal qualification but with passion for teaching a particular subject may become proficient in the art of teaching. 

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