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Common misconceptions about tutoring

Common misconceptions about tutoring

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how academics work. Those who do well are often rewarded with medals and all sorts of accolades whereas those who are on the slow spectrum often get bullied and ostracized. Thus, being advised to seek tutoring or mentoring is often painted in a bad light. But did you know that tutoring actually benefits both types of learners? Read on to be enlightened.


Of all the misconceptions about tutoring, this takes the top spot. But before we discuss more about this topic, let us tell you more about the types of learners. They fall into 3 main categories: those who need to CATCH UP, those who need to MAINTAIN and those who wish to ADVANCE. And yes, as we have previously mentioned above, all types of learners can benefit from tutoring no matter their level of academic proficiency.

Most parents, unless advised by school teachers, would never think of hiring a German tutor or a Math tutor for their child especially if they don’t seem to be having trouble learning these subjects. But hiring a Good Tutor for your child is actually a very good academic investment as it enhances what they have learned in school and instills a love for learning, which will prove to be highly beneficial as they progress towards higher education.

On the other hand, there are parents who do enlist the help of tutors to augment their children’s learning deficiencies. By doing so, the students are assisted and presented with a tutoring program that is tailored according to their needs. Tutors focus on what the students ‘don’t get’ at school without being subjected to the pressure of understanding immediately.


Perhaps in the old times, tutoring or hiring a private tutor came at a great cost and was only afforded by those of noble and aristocratic backgrounds but gone are those days. Nowadays – with the help of the internet – you can easily find a tutor such as those from Good Tutor who are locally available in your area, ‘budget-huggingly’ affordable and who will customize their tutoring program according to your child’s needs.


Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Even those who are well into college hire a tutor. And since Good Tutors are vetted and handpicked, you can be sure that you are gaining access to a mentor who has a solid knowledge and comprehension of what he/she is teaching. Not only that, tutors can provide you with a much-needed boost and support as you advance towards greater learning heights

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